Texas Swallow Diagnostics


We understand the challenges Speech-Language Pathologists face when they have to observe a patient eating, and then make life-altering recommendations without visual support.
Research shows a 70% error rate at the bedside, where the recommendations are either too restrictive, jeopardizing nutrition and hydration, or silent aspiration is completely missed, which can lead to pneumonia.
That’s a huge responsibility for an SLP without x-ray vision!
We are able to view the patient’s swallow for 1/3 of the price of an MBSS done at a hospital, while in their natural position, consuming their favorite food, liquids, and actual medication, all while gaining valuable input from the nurses and family that interact with the patient on a daily basis.


  • No radiation exposure
  • Patient eats normal food
  • Can be used with patients on mechanical ventilation
  • Can be performed at patient’s beside
  • Cost effective compared to MBSS
  • High definition reports in digital color

How It Works

  • You determine your patient requires an instrumental swallow exam
  • Call/text/email us and we will be out in 1-2 business days
  • We will leave all recommendations, imaging, and reports with you that day

A mobile FEES procedure provides objective, measurable data to prove medical necessity of speech therapy services and document progress, or lack thereof. With a mobile FEES done in the patient’s natural environment, you are now able to confidently take the documented impairments and look up the most research based treatments for this underlying pathophysiology. No more arbitrary lingual exercises for everyone, real EVIDENCE-BASED patient-specific treatments. Having a mobile FEES done at the bedside allows for the flexibility of time. There are no radiation restrictions or barium limits that have to be followed. If you are suspecting fatigue with a patient, the study can be performed for the entire meal. The MBSS is great at giving us an objective snapshot of the swallow, but is not ideal for a patient that fatigues easily. A mobile FEES procedure provides a realistic assessment, and captures the “true picture” of what is happening at meals by the patient self feeding in his/her natural eating position over time.